Any ticket sale is governed by the following terms and conditions, irrespective of whether it is made on the internet or in any other way. It is not allowed to take any photos or videos during the concert.

1. Ticket sale, dispatch, charges

1.1. Booking of tickets in the webshop

Online payment for tickets ordered via webshop can be made by

  • PayPal
  • Credit card (Visa, Master) with the 3 D Secure process
  • Debit charge

The tickets are sent for a fee, delivered immediately using the Ticketdirect method, or deposited in the advance sales office or at the box office.

When participating in the Ticketdirect process, the purchased tickets are sent electronically to download in PDF format. The personalization of the Ticketdirect - ticket with names serves to protect the customer in order to prevent abusive duplication. The Ticketdirect admission ticket printed out by the buyer must not show any damage, soiling or other impairments that make admission control impossible or impede/hinder when used at the admission control. In the case of such damage, soiling or other impairments, there is neither a right to admission nor to a refund of the fee paid by the buyer. This also applies if the Ticketdirect- ticket is lost. Any reproduction, copy, modification or imitation of the Ticketdirect - ticket and any electronic distribution of the PDF file is expressly prohibited. In the event that copies of a Ticketdirekt concert ticket are found, only the owner of the first ticket will be admitted. Malinovsky Events GmbH & Co. KG reserves the right to demand payment of the total price of the reproduction for the copied Ticketdirekt -  tickets. Malinovsky Events GmbH & Co. KG / DRESDNER RESIDENZ KONZERTE is not responsible for the loss or misuse of the Ticketdirekt concert tickets.

1.2. Book by Email or phone

Ticket orders by Email or phone will not be binding until the invoicce has been paid in full. We don´t reserve tickets not paid in time.

The tickets

  • will be sent via Deutsche Post (extra mailing charge of 4,90 €)
  • will be sent via email. Please print out the attached file. (no charges)
  • can be picked up at the box office. (no charges)
  • can be picked up at the office, Schützengasse 3, 01067 Dresden

2. Opening hours

Our office hours are from Monday until Friday 10:00 am - 3:00 pm. The box office at the concert location opens 60 minutes before the beginning of the concerts.

3. Ticket repayment and complaints

The return of properly delivered tickets is generally excluded. In justified individual cases, the possibility of changing to another concert can be done up to 4 working days before the concert. A fee of €5.00 per ticket will be charged for changing concert tickets to another concert date. Arrangements ("Concert & Dinner", "Summer Classic & Enjoying Wine") can only be changed - in individual cases - up to 4 working days before the event. DRESDNER RESIDENCE CONCERTS Concert tickets purchased from resellers (other public box offices of eventim, Schinkelwache, hotels, eventim.de, classictic.de or getyourguide.de, etc.) cannot be returned, rebooked or canceled.

Please note the ticket insurance if something comes in between. The ticket insurance must be taken out immediately when booking the tickets, but no later than 30 days before the scheduled start of the event. In the case of short-term bookings (within 30 days before the start of the event), insurance can only be taken out on the booking day or within the next three working days (Saturday does not count as a working day). In order to be covered right from the start in the event of illness or the like, we recommend taking out the policy on the day of booking. Ticket insurance can be booked online via our partner ERGO >>Ticket insurance

4. Changes of performers or programme

Changes to the artist line-up or to the programme may be made at any time and do not extablish the right to refund or exchange of tickets. In justified individual cases it can be necessary to change the date or the location of concerts. Duly bought tickets remain valid. Refund is only granted in unreasonable cases.

In the event of cancellation of the event due to force majeure (e.g. catastrophes), there is generally no entitlement to a refund of the ticket price.

5. Reductions

We grant reductions on the ticket prices for groups of entitled persons with an according verification. Reduced price tickets are only valid with the verification and not transferable. Reduced price tickets are not available online.

Reductions are available for seriously disabled persons (from rank of disability 80%) and their accompanying persons, which have to be mentioned in the verification. For Children up to 12 years we offer a fixed price of 15,00 €.

6. postponement/cancellation of events

Events may be postponed to other days or other locations for important reasons, especially in case of illness of artists or similar. Purchased tickets remain valid; a refund is limited to cases in which the customer cannot reasonably be expected to attend the new date. Mere changes in the programme or cast do not entitle the customer to a ticket return. In the event of a general cancellation of an event, the ticket prices will be refunded without any fees upon presentation of the original tickets. Expenses (e.g. travel, accommodation or shipping) will not be reimbursed. 

In case of cancellation of an event due to force majeure (e.g. catastrophes), there is basically no claim for reimbursement of the ticket price.

7. Gift vouchers

We provide gift vouchers for each concert in the VIP category, or category I. It is also possible to buy vouchers for our arrangements concert & dinner, concert & semper opera, concert & zwinger and cuture & enjoyment. The vouchers are valid for 3 years from date of issue. Redemption is possible only after prior notification by telephone or email. A cash payment is not possible.

8. House regulations

In accordance with the current regulations it is not allowed to smoke inside the venue. In case of infringements the visitor is legally responsible for any damage that the organizer suffers.

For safety reasons and for reasons of mutual consideration, it is not permitted to take prams to a concert/performance. It is not recommended to take small children and infants to one of our concerts, as we must ensure that everything runs smoothly.

We would like to point out that there are no wheelchair spaces and that there is no barrier-free access to the concert hall in the Wallpavillon and to the toilets. In exceptional cases and only after telephone registration, a single wheelchair space can be requested. Overcoming the steps is to be organized by yourself.

It is forbidden to take bicycles, animals and anything like that with you. The accompaniment by guide dogs and other certified assistance dogs in accordance with the applicable legal provisions will be checked on request before the concert ticket is purchased.

9. Image and sound recording

Photographic, videa or sound recording is not permitted during performances.

10. Data protection guidelines

The DRESDNER RESIDENZ KONZERTE record and further process your personal details for the purposes of contract fulfilment. The personal details are not passed on to third parties without authorisation.

11. Liability and liability limitations

The DRESDNER RESIDENZ KONZERTE Malinovsky Events GmbH & Co. KG is laible within the limits of the statutory provisions without limitation for damages from the negligent violation of the health of the customer. The same applies to the violation of contractual obigations. The liability for negligence of DRESDNER RESIDENZ KONZERTE as well as its legal representatives and vicarious aents is excluded. Liability for gross negligence remains unaffected.

12. AOB

Please note that the toilets are not situated inside the venue and a barrier free access is not given.

13. Concluding conditions

Should individual elements of these General Terms and Conditions of Business (AGB) be in contradiction of overriding legal stipulations (such as the provisions of the consumer protection legislation, KSchG), the remaining conditions of the AGB retain their validity. We reserve the right to change our AGB at any time

14. Responsible court

The commercially qualified court in Dresden is responsible for all legal disputes arising out of or in connection with the relevant contract.

15. Concluding conditions

Should individual elements of these General Terms and Conditions of Business (AGB) be in contradiction of overriding legal stipulations, the remaining conditions of the AGB teain their validity. We reserve the right to change our AGB at any time.

The German version of the present General Terms and Conditions is binding. This English translation is provided by DRESDNER RESIDENZ KONZERTE for information only.